Frequently Asked Questions


Can I remove my domain from the marketplace if I change my mind?

Yes, you can remove your domain listing by going to the 'Sellers Dashboard' section in your account, and selecting the domain you wish to remove.

How do I transfer ownership of the domain after a sale?

After a sale is completed, Webstarter will provide instructions on how to transfer the domain to the buyer. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth transfer.

How long does it take to receive payment after a sale?

Once the domain transfer is completed, it typically takes 5-10 business days for the payment to be processed and sent to your account.

What payment methods can I use to receive funds from the sale?

You can receive funds via PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Escrow (for domains over $10,000).

Can I negotiate the price with potential buyers?

Yes, Webstarter will act as the middle man in the negotiation process.

How will I be notified if someone is interested in purchasing my domain?

You will receive an email notification, if someone expresses interest on your domain. If you do not reply in 48 hours, we will give you a call to follow up.

How can I set the price for my domain?

When listing your domain, you can set a fixed price. It's a good idea to research similar domain names to help determine a competitive price.

What fees are associated with selling a domain on Webstarter?

Listing your domain on Webstarter is FREE! We do have upgrades for listings if you choose. However, Webstarter charges a commission fee for each domain sale. The exact percentage may vary. Please refer to the 'Fees & Commissions' section on the website for detailed information.

How can I list my domain for sale on Webstarter?

To list your domain for sale, first create and log in to your Webstarter account. Navigate to the 'Become a Seller' section in your profile page, and follow the instructions to add your domain and set your asking price.

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